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Scaler EQ is a musical way to enhance or control your audio, providing boosts and cuts that are tuned to the key you’re working in. While boosting, only frequencies that are in-key with your current scale are enhanced, meaning that lows become more warm and tonal without losing focus, and highs get sweeter without also feeling harsher. While cutting, only the frequencies that are out-of-key are reduced, helping you to retain harmonicity while mixing and correcting resonances. Scaler EQ will also fit straight into your regular workflow, with boost/cut bands, shelves and filters, dynamic EQ, and stereo options including mid/side bands and stereo image enhancement.

Scaler EQ Features

  • Patent pending musical EQ with harmonic band types that boost in-key frequencies and cut out-of-key frequencies
  • Familiar EQ controls translate to a regular workflow – but one that adds more colour
  • Choice of band types for traditional boost/cut EQ or harmonic EQ
  • Magic Shelf bands deliver punchier low end and smoother highs
  • Key detection sets the EQ’s target scale
  • Dial in dynamics for any band (Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release)
  • Add or remove scale notes for a specific colour (eg, four-note chords or just fifths)
  • Creative unique EQ responses by combining magic shelves, harmonic filters and cuts
  • Each band can be set to work on stereo, mid or side channels
  • Enhance stereo width and collapse low frequencies to mono
  • Available for Mac and PC in VST2, VST3, AU and AAX formats

Scaler EQ Out Now!

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